Brought to you by the Friends of the North Coast's Natural History Museum
The Friends of the North Coast's Natural History Museum is a devoted group of volunteers and community members who have come together to fundraise, organize and develop plans to keep the museum open.

Although we recently received word that HSU did not accept our proposal we are not giving up! We have already raised over $74,000 in pledges -- a considerable amount considering the short time line and we plan to raise more!

If you have been thinking about pledging then pledge now! As we get word out about our continued efforts and continue to communicate this to HSU we want them to see just how dedicated this community is to the museum.

- If you are interested in pledging money to keep the museum open please visit . -

Friday, September 18, 2009

PS We have over $76,000 in pledges as of today.

Word. Check it out over there ---------->

To pledge visit

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